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company news about SNHANGER-a company specializing in custom production of hooks and hangers

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SNHANGER-a company specializing in custom production of hooks and hangers
Latest company news about SNHANGER-a company specializing in custom production of hooks and hangers

Hooks and hangers are commonly used in pets, scarves, ties, belts, socks, shoes, straps, wallets and other items, and are generally used in stores and supermarkets to hang goods. Hooks may seem inconspicuous, but they play an important role in product sales, not just for display hanging. A specially designed hook will make your product stand out and attract attention when hanging among many products. In China, there are not many factories that manufacture hooks, but our company has high-quality resources for the production of various hooks. Since its establishment nearly 20 years ago, the company has served countless customers and provided customers with satisfactory services. It has a good reputation in the industry and is full of praise.


We provide custom hook and custom hanger production service, no matter you need socks hanger,belt hanger,wallet hanger,shoes hanger ,tie hanger or scarf hanger etc., you can tell us your needs, we will design it for you by professional designers or you can also design them by your own and then let us produce them for you, we provide all services that can be customized, regardless of brand logo, size, material, color, all can be customized to your satisfaction. In addition, we can provide customers with sample before mass production which can dispel customers' concerns about the quality of the products.


At present, the common hook/hanger materials on the market are roughly divided into paper, plastic and metal etc. .The customers we cooperate with usually choose environmentally friendly materials these recently years, so we can produce eco-friendly plastic and environmentally friendly paper hooks, including degradable and environmentally friendly materials and recyclable materials. The environmentally friendly materials can not only protect our ecological environment, but also make our products more meaningful. After all, who wouldn't want to do someting to protect our living environment - the Earth?


When you want to get a good hanger or hooks for your products to display, you can come to SNHANGER: to choose the hooks and hangers you want and suit to your requirments.


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