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company news about How To Choose Hangers Of Different Materials?

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How To Choose Hangers Of Different Materials?
Latest company news about How To Choose Hangers Of Different Materials?

The hanger is one of the common tools in our home, which brings great convenience to our life. But do you know how to choose hangers of different materials when we buy hangers?

The most popular hangers on the market are usually these three materials:


①Stainless steel hanger
Stainless steel hangers have strong load-bearing capacity, are strong and durable, are not easy to rust, and are easy to clean. They can dry thicker clothes, such as down jackets and wool.
Stainless steel hangers are inconvenient to carry, the weight is medium, and the storage effect is not good.


②Plastic hangers
Advantages: The aesthetics of plastic hangers are better than stainless steel, and the surface is smooth.
Disadvantages: Plastic hangers are prone to deformation because of their weak strength and high temperature resistance.
Plastic hangers are generally suitable for drying light and thin clothes, such as shirts, socks, etc..


③Wooden hanger
Wooden hangers are generally used in clothing stores. Its main features are:
Advantages: Wooden hangers have a simple appearance, especially better slip resistance. Compared with stainless steel hangers, their load-bearing capacity is second only to stainless steel.
Disadvantages: Wooden hangers are prone to moisture and are easily deformed after long-term use.
Wooden hangers are mostly used for hanging woolen coats, suits and other heavy clothes.


After knowing these, do you now know how to choose a hanger of the right material? We specialize in the production of various hangers with excellent materials, various colors, scratch resistance, good toughness, and not easy to break, which can meet various requirements of customers, and can accept customized samples. If you need to order hangers, you can contact us at any time.

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